Property Manager
Bentall Centre
Operations - Western Region


This position reports to the Director, Bentall Centre. The primary functions are to manage the administration and operation of the office component at an optimal level in keeping with industry standards for a first class office environment in order to secure the maximum return over the medium and long term for Ivanhoe Cambridge.


Tenant Relations:
  • Plan, initiate and implement the Customer Care and Tenant Retention Program for the office component
  • Maintain good and harmonious relationships with tenants
  • Maintain strong, positive community relations
  • Coordinate the production of the tenant newsletter
Operating Budgets:


  • Prepare operating budgets for revenue, review expense and major/capital expenditure budgets as prepared by the Operations Manage
  • Ensure all budgeted targets are achieved
  • Approve all budget expenditures within established guidelines
  • Ensure the implementation of approved major/capital expenditure programs


  • In conjunction with the Operations Manager, inspect the appearance of the property implementing action plans as required
  • Co-ordinate with the Director, all activities that will affect the operation of the retail component
  • Established rules and regulations for the property and ensure tenants adhere to lease obligations
  • Review all building management systems and standard operating procedures on a regular basis, and approve any proposed revisions
  • Oversee the selection of service providers (contractors)
  • Oversee tenant co-ordination process, ensure tenant coordination activity and tenant improvements are executed on a timely basis with limited disruption of the buildings systems
  • Coordinate and oversee the building management systems and standard operating procedures to include but not limited to:
    • Fire/Life Safety Plan
    • Security Systems and Procedures
    • Rules & Regulations
    • Keying System
    • Parking Allocation
    • Inventory Control
    • Carwash Facility
  • Contact, interview and negotiate with prospective service suppliers and make recommendations towards selection of same
  • Responsible for the timely collection of all rental and other receivables. Recommend to the Director any rent abatement or write-off of specific accounts.
  • Interview and select required personnel and contractors, to ensure the efficient operation of the property, ensure all employees receive appropriate training
  • Formulate operational policy and building guidelines
  • Ensure completion and distribution on a timely basis of all reports according to company guidelines
  • Administer operational policy and building guidelines, and recommendations for improvement
  • Develop and implement specific office procedures and reports, ensuring the building’s efficient operation
  • Prepare materials and reports for joint venture partners
  • Prepare all reports and correspondence on a timely basis
  • Work with Director to ensure that administration office is operating smoothly


  • In conjunction with the Senior Leasing Manager or Director, Leasing, review leasing activity, performance of listing agents and coordinate marketing efforts. Report to the Director, Bentall Centre
  • Develop strategies and action plans and actively negotiate with renewal and prospective tenants to maintain high occupancy levels
  • Complete specified renewal and new lease deals independently, in collaboration with Senior Leasing Manager or Director, Leasing
  • In conjunction with the Senior Leasing Manager, plan and implement marketing programs to maintain a high profile image within the commercial real estate industry to attract tenants
  • Prepare an annual survey of operating costs for competitive projects
  • Complete all Leasing Activity Reports on a regular basis
Other Departments:
  • Provide input on any matter which from a property management point of view will improve the overall efficiency of the building
  • To work towards the common goals of all departments with in Ivanhoe Cambridge
  • Perform other duties or special projects that may be assigned from time to time
  • Three to five years of industry related experience. A University Degree is required; Business major is preferred. Must have excellent communication and managerial skills, and the ability to work effectively with others at all levels. Strong computer (Word, Excel) and creative problem solving skills are also required, along with the ability to multi-task and effectively balance multiple priorities. Available to be transferred to other properties of Ivanhoe Cambridge.